Interstate Divorce Prepared for Only $99.95

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After we receive your order and your intake form, we will forward your information to our paralegal who will process your divorce papers.

We offer a full guarantee.

Interstate Divorce

Does your spouse live in another state? This is not uncommon and this is no problem. We can assist you with an interstate divorce at no extra cost. The paralegal assigned to your case will assist you with where and how to file your divorce papers.

If your spouse is not willing to sign the papers then you will need to do a default divorce. You can serve your spouse out of state by certified return receipt mail.

If your spouse is willing to sign you can do a regular uncontested divorce, even if you have children and or property.

We will prepare the entire package for you and deliver the forms for you for review by e-mail within 48 hours.

Get your professionally prepared divorce papers delivered online in 2 business days for only $99.95, with or without children, fully guaranteed to be accepted by the court. We have helped tens of thousands since 1994, let us help you. Why pay for automated and fill in the blank forms when you can get attorney quality forms, prepared, printed, and mailed at a fraction of the price?

We are the only online divorce preparation service to offer different types of divorce: missing spouse divorce, default divorce, and uncontested divorce. We also offer prepared annulments. Do not be fooled by other internet companies who provide "good in all 50 states" or automated forms. All of our forms are specifically prepared for you by a real person experienced in the state in which you need to file

Our Affordable Prices

We have made the divorce process easy and very affordable. We offer some of the lowest prices on the web but we do not skip quality. We understand that unless your forms are prepared in the court approved format, they are useless to you, this is why we use only court approved forms and we fully guarantee our work.


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