Default Divorce Does Not Need to be Expensive

We were the first online divorce company and for nearly two decades we have not raised our prices. We believe in keeping our costs down so we are able to offer the most affordable and professional divorce service to you.

Understanding the difference between the divorce types is important when deciding what kind of divorce you need. Part of our service is assisting you to make sure you understand the difference.

While we cannot decide for you or even advise you of the type of divorce you will need, our divorce specialists will be happy to explain the types of divorce to you. This will help you decide what type of divorce is best for you.

A default divorce is when only one spouse will sign the papers. This can be by choice or because a spouse cannot be located (missing spouse) or if a spouse either refuses to sign or simply does not want to be included in the divorce proceedings.

Three Easy Steps

Step One - We will prepare all of the necessary documents for your divorce, legal separation, or annulment.

Step Two - You will sign and notarize the documents along with your spouse (if doing an uncontested divorce) and make two copies of each form.

Step Three - File them with your local court clerk (we offer complete, step by step instructions and also offer these instructions online for easy access)

Find Out Just How Easy Our Process is!

There is no easier or more affordable way to get your divorce finalized.

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